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Getting Out of the USA

Posted by alifinmath on February 17, 2009

I’ve examined the idea of getting out of the USA in a couple of posts I submitted last year. I feel even more strongly today about getting out of the USA pronto (and to demonstrate that I put my money where my mouth is, I now live in Nordic Europe).

The USA is a moribund and failing state. I won’t yet call it a failed state, but give it a bit more time. US elites have no idea — and probably no interest — in reviving civil society. There is no social contract.

As Paul Craig Roberts points out in one of his essays, US unemployment as measured by 1980 criteria is now around 17.5%. Income and wealth inequality is approaching Brazilian levels. Tent cities are sprouting up all over the country — reminiscent of eighty years ago.

There’s a recent article in Pravda that gives advice to Amerian professionals:

Let’s face reality, the American dream is dead, the future has never looked so bleak and as a professional in any industry, your prospects of working in your chosen career has never been so low. Sure you can reinvent yourself, but how many of you have already done this once, twice, thrice? It is not easy and the list of choices is getting shorter and shorter. But it does not have to be this way.

The Bank Panic of 2008 and the General Collapse of 2009 have once and for all, pulled the covers off of the old dead reality and showed it for the withered husk it is. However, most American professionals either refuse to accept it or cling to the pantlegs of Uncle Sam hoping for Never Never Land to return. In short, it will not.

If you want a future for yourself and your family, my suggestion is: get a passport, learn another language or enough to get by and start looking else where. Unlike the US, many nations kept their industrial and technological base, defending this and many nations are in need of the skilled labor to fill it.

So take a clue, in this case, the grass is greener on the other side.

My sentiments exactly.


4 Responses to “Getting Out of the USA”

  1. Vladimir said

    Your analysis is correct, according to my analysis.

  2. Vladimir said

    Might I recommend Arthur Silber’s writings?

  3. Vladimir said

    Humanity’s last best hope or trash culture?

  4. alifinmath said

    Apparently NYU students are rioting over high tuition fees and asking where their tuition money goes. A YouTube video here:

    And a piece in Russia Today Online:

    The New York University alumnus graduated with honours two years ago. Unemployed and living with his parents, the 28-year-old is just one many who can’t find a job.

    “I would say about sixty per cent of my friends are currently unemployed or don’t have a job they wanted to find,” he said. “So they are stuck working at Starbucks when they have advanced degrees.”

    Armed with Masters’ degrees and crippling tuition loans, tens of thousands of the twenty-somethings are struggling to crack the cold, ugly, unwelcoming US job market.

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