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Praying for cheaper gasoline

Posted by alifinmath on April 29, 2008

Found this:

There was a pray-in at a Chevron station in San Francisco on Friday led by a minister asking God for cheaper gas…

Now I confess I’m a bit of an agnostic myself and even if I did believe, I doubt I’d bother the almighty with such petty concerns. But if some people do have to pray, why not for more fuel-efficient vehicles, for better and more comprehensive mass transit, and for more rational urban design (instead of the unplanned suburban sprawl ubiquitous in the USA)? It could be, however, that the almighty is on the side of 300-pound fatties who want cheap gasoline for their insatiable 12-mpg SUVs, used for 60-mile roundtrip journeys between home and work and home and mall. This, I believe, is known as “American exceptionalism.”



2 Responses to “Praying for cheaper gasoline”

  1. Chris Prouty said

    You think they’d have learned by now that prayer doesn’t work anyway:

  2. Anonym said

    There are some who benefit from prayer, physiologically (meditation can help lower blood pressure) or mood-wise. I’m also not (a priori) opposed to private thoughts evaluating one’s and even sometimes another’s actions according to some reasoned or learned standard of “Good.” To me, this practice (whether done in prayer or other reflection) is the hallmark of many ethical individuals, and ethical individuals are necessary for a nation or society to function, or for “the system to work.” Of course, what I’m speaking of here is private prayer. I’m a bit perplexed by prayer for sheer monetary gain sans work (which is what praying for cheaper gasoline is, really.) I’ve never heard of such a deity.

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