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The special relationship

Posted by alifinmath on April 17, 2008

Gordon Brown is in town; coverage here:

Determined to avoid being tagged as “Bush’s poodle” like his predecessor Tony Blair, Brown seemed just as eager to lay the groundwork for closer relations with the next president as he was to maintain ties with the White House incumbent.

Ah, but Britain has been USA’s dog (or would it be more correct to say USA’s bitch?) ever since Suez, which put paid to British imperial ambitions. Eisehower called up (PM) Eden and said, “I don’t know what you’re doing but I can only presume you’ve gone out of your head.” He also threatened economic sanctions against Britain. So Britain had to eat humble pie. Since then, Britain has played a subaltern role to the US (I oversimplify but that’s the broad gist of it).

“I’m absolutely confident that having talked to the three candidates that the special relationship between our two countries is strong and secure and valued by all of them,” Brown told reporters before arriving at the White House.

The essence of the special relationship is that the USA pulls down its pants and Britain smooches its hairy and unclean posterior. Without any shame. Without any dignity. This is something that, say, France’s De Gaulle would never do (can’t speak for the gigolo who’s currently the French President). Of all the PMs in recent British history, Phony Tony must have been the most obseqious and servile dog the USA has ever known in the Western hemisphere. I wonder if Brown is that much better. Britain should be a committed member of the European project. Instead, it’s leaders try to hedge their bets by siding with the US. The morons don’t realise they’re actually falling between two stools.


One Response to “The special relationship”

  1. Chris Prouty said

    You said it…the USA rocks!

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