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Nawaz Sharif

Posted by alifinmath on March 27, 2008

Also in the Guardian:

On Tuesday, senior coalition partner Nawaz Sharif gave the visiting Americans a public scolding for using Pakistan as a “killing field” and relying too much on Musharraf.

The body language between Negroponte and Sharif during their meeting on Tuesday spoke volumes: the Pakistani greeted the American with a starched handshake, and sat at a distance.

I never had the opportunity to meet Sharif. I’ve met some of his senior people — Sartaj Aziz (foreign minister) and Lt.Gen. Saeed Qadir (chair of the Privatisation Commission), but not Sharif himself (partly because I wasn’t in Pakistan long enough in 1994). Sharif — unlike Benazir — has never been comfortable with Westerners, and they are not comfortable with him. He’s too much a product of another culture, and not at home in the cultural and intellectual milieu of Europe and the USA. He has some feeling for Pakistan, but then on the other hand, he’s almost as corrupt as Benazir and her bagman hubby were. Indeed, his political career allowed him to make his own business group one of the most prominent in the country. Politics and business are even more intricately interwoven in Pakistan than they are in the US (I should know, as I’ve worked for some of the Pakistani outfits).


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