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Chavez exports healthcare

Posted by alifinmath on March 24, 2008

In the Guardian today:

Mission Miracle has helped 400,000 impoverished Latin Americans see again and cast Venezuela’s revolutionary leader as the region’s humanitarian benefactor.

Critics, however, see an agenda behind this and other Venezuelan-linked initatives. They claim Chávez is trying to export populist leftwing rebellions and further tilt the region away from US influence.

Peru waded into the fray last week by accusing Venezuela of funding Peruvian militants under cover of humanitarianism. It said dozens of anti-poverty centres which have sprung up across Peru to promote Mission Miracle, among other schemes, were fronts for political agitation which may have fuelled protests against the government’s free market economic policies.

US-encouraged neo-liberal “free market” policies be damned — ones where the rich get richer, and the poor become utterly destitute. South America as a whole has been slipping out of Washington’s control for several years now — a healthy sign for them.

The question is whether he is breaking laws and infringing sovereignty, something the US practised for decades by sponsoring rightwing coups and shoring up dictatorships.

Yep, you can say that again. I can’t think of a single dictator who hasn’t at one time or another enjoyed US support (including Saddam). Ah, wait, there is Kim il-Jong in North Korea. And it’s difficult for me to recall a single democracy outside the European and Japanese semi-vassal states who haven’t incurred Washington’s wrath (though surely there must be some…?).

Hawks in Washington want Venezuela added to the US list of state sponsors of terrorism, bracketing it with Iran and North Korea. So far the Bush administration has demurred rather than risk disrupting Venezuela’s oil flow.

Yep, free healthcare = commie subversion + sponsorship of terrorism. He should be promoting peace and democracy a la the US style, as in Iraq and Afganistan, via fighter jets and tanks, blowing up the domestic infrastructure, and letting in predatory US capital. No wonder Pat Robertson called for Chavez’s assassination.

My question is: When will Chavez export his free healthcare to the US?


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