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Computational finance at Purdue

Posted by alifinmath on March 14, 2008

In a previous post I’ve made some favorable comments about the program at Baruch. Let me do the same for Purdue — but for another reason.

There is a plethora of quant finance programs either on-stream or in the pipeline. The computational finance program at Purdue seems to be just another, with the usual MFE courses except for one big difference:

Like most graduate students at Purdue, CF students typically get full financial support, generally in the form of teaching or research assistantship. Please visit the individual graduate programs’ pages for specific information.

This is definitely a selling point for students — domestic or foreign — who may lack the wherewithal to fork out several tens of thousands of dollars for fees and living expenses at other progams (and facing very uncertain employment prospects indeed when they graduate).

One other point: they seem to have proper full-time faculty on board to teach the courses — not a bunch of adjuncts hired off the street.

If anyone knows of similar programs at other universities, please add them in a comment to this post.


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