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Posted by alifinmath on March 12, 2008

Nope, this is not about quant internships. Let me explain. Our neoliberal age has produced not only an explosive demand for finance professionals but also — because of increasingly polarised societies — an explosive demand for trained servants (we’re actually regressing economically and socially to the Victorian era). All those billionaire cocaine exporters, gun runners, crooked tinpot dictators and generals, software monopolists, and Wall Street inside traders (hey, no-one ever got rich playing by the rules) want top-class help. A week back I read somewhere that an experienced butler can command a salary of $200,000. Sounds plausible. It’s a pittance to a billionaire. So I thought I’d investigate.

First, there’s the International Butler Academy, which offers an intensive 8-week course for 12,500 euros (including board and lodging). The curriculum appears quite systematic (but I’m no expert). They don’t guarantee internships, but they will make an honest effort. They even provide a list of rival schools: very impressive on their part. Here is another school, but their site doesn’t read so impressively (I spotted some grammatical flaws, which can’t be condoned on the part of an Englishman).

Here is the salary range for butlers and people in similar jobs. Don’t know how accurate this is. And finally, a butler blog.

All my knowledge of the profession comes from films like “Remains of the Day,” or television comedy series like “Jeeves and Wooster” (where Jeeves, properly speaking, is a valet rather than a butler).

$250k is good pay. The hours are long and the work onerous — but the same can be said for quant work, with similar compensation. Plus you have a fancy uniform, with a black tie (so you won’t be taken for a real gentleman).


2 Responses to “Internships”

  1. Chris Prouty said

    According to the salary website, a personal chef goes for $50-80k. If I had the means, that’s where my bucks would go. On the flipside, I imagine that working as a personal chef for a family could be a fairly enjoyable lifestyle.

  2. alifinmath said

    For many of these jobs, the employer is looking not only for skill and polish but ingrained subservience. I don’t think I can muster the last as my natural reaction to a supercilious attitude is to bash the other person’s skull against a piece of concrete. Ane hence regretfully I shall have to cross “butler” and “valet” off my list of possible occupations. The money would have come in handy though. And I haven’t worn a uniform since my schoolboy days.

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