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Rice attacks ‘reprehensible’ Putin warnings

Posted by alifinmath on February 14, 2008

In the FT today:

Appearing at the Senate’s foreign relations committee, Ms Rice responded fiercely to questions about recent Russian behaviour, including President Vladimir Putin’s suggestion this week that Ukraine could be targeted with nuclear missiles and his warning of a new arms race with the west.

“The unhelpful and, really, I will use a different word, reprehensible rhetoric that is coming out of Moscow is unacceptable,” Ms Rice said.

What’s Putin saying that’s factually wrong? What exactly is this glorified errand girl objecting to? The Missile Defence Shield has Russia specifically in mind and more generally is designed to consolidate US global military supremacy. It will make the world a more dangerous place, not a safer one. The Russians don’t really want to get caught up in another arms race. The Americans have been building bases all around Russia: Poland, Czech Republic, Uzbekistan, Georgia (I think). Who’s the aggressor? What if Russia started building bases in Canada, Mexico, and Greenland?


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