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More on race

Posted by alifinmath on February 13, 2008

I see from reader stats that my post on inherent ethnic/race differences attracted a lot of hits. I just want to mention one other book and then move to other things as this blog is supposed to be about quant finance (but probably long since broke through this straitjacket).

Michael Levin is a professor of philosophy at CUNY who wrote a book titled, “Why Race Matters,” back in the early ’90s. For several years the manuscript gathered dust as no publisher was willing to touch it with a bargepole. Finally a small academic publisher (Praeger) agreed, and came out with a small print run — which immediately sold out. Another larger print run also sold like hot cakes. This was back in the late ’90s. When I started to look for the book about four years ago, no copies were to be found in the used book market for less than $400 — quite surprising for a book published only ten years ago. I finally managed to locate a copy in the U of Minnesota’s library system (Wilson library?). A couple of years back, American Renaissance republished the book and I pounced at the opportunity; they’re selling it for a paltry $25 here

Levin is a philosopher by trade and so his arguments and analyses are carefully constructed. A preview of the book can be found here.

And now, as I said above, I’d like to move on as discussion of race isn’t the primary purpose of this blog.


One Response to “More on race”

  1. alifinmath said

    By the way, this whole topic is a minefield. For what Levin had to go through:

    For what Rushton had to go through:

    And for a more general discussion, an article yesterday in Vdare:

    And speaking even more generally, look at the flak Walt and Mearsheimer have received for their article, “The Israel Lobby,” in the London Review of Books (no US journal would publish it):

    (This has now been expanded to a book).

    The freedom to express one’s views (even if they can be scientifically corroborated) is extremely circumscribed in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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