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Getting out of the USA II

Posted by alifinmath on January 27, 2008

Mark Ehrman — author of “Getting Out” — has written a comment to my earlier post (Getting out of the USA). I think he makes some valid points and indirectly provides a response to Chris Prouty’s question on how to emigrate.

Oh, by the way, I see Mark has his own site


2 Responses to “Getting out of the USA II”

  1. Anonym said

    This is somewhat off the main topic, but Steve Clemons has another post up regarding the challenges the U.S. faces in the post-Bush era. It borrows heavily from Parag Khanna’s NY Times article.

  2. alifinmath said

    Thank you; I see the post as intensely relevant and completely in line with my own prognostications; I shall to get a printout for myself.

    The Chinese have been expanding into Africa as well — not only for deals with various African governments but with diasporan Chinese setting up various small businesses with a view to settling there. A milder form of colonialism maybe.

    One day we will speak of “Chinese Manifest Destiny.” But for contingent historical circumstances in the 15th century (domestic problems in China), the Chinese could have established global hegemony (if they had wanted to), instead of the Europeans.

    China, USA, and Europe: Orwell was prescient: Eastasia, Oceania, and Eurasia in “1984.” Of these, the USA will be the most precarious as it (presently) lacks an ethno-biological ethos. Multi-ethnic states and empires have a tendency to fragment and splinter.

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