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The end of the road for Ron Paul?

Posted by alifinmath on January 23, 2008

Here is some analysis from David Duke (Disclaimer: I disagree with Duke on a number of issues. But I don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater):

Before I begin my suggestions for the Ron Paul Campaign, let me first say I like Ron Paul’s campaign, and I think it is good for America and the political process. Why do I think so? It is because people such as Ron Paul shake up the system, and Paul takes a lot of correct positions such as opposition to the Iraq War, opposition to foreign aid to Israel and the rest of the world, as well as having unrelenting support for the civil liberties of the American people. Second, what I will say here cannot hurt the campaign in the liberal media because I will now offer some criticisms showing that I think that Ron Paul does not do enough to defend the heritage and interests of European Americans.

In my opinion, Ron Paul has the right position on the Iraq War, foreign interventionism and foreign aid, monetary policy and American rights and freedoms, but Paul has not been vocal enough on the issues that matter most to the American people, such as immigration, affirmative action, the effects of welfare and medical care for working Americans. And Ron Paul has had a dead wrong opinion on foreign trade in supporting a libertarian policy that basically favors open trade rather than one that would protect American industry and labor. These are issues important to the overwhelming European American majority of the electorate in Iowa, New Hampshire and in the United States as a whole.

Patrick Buchanan and I both have opposed American Empire and supported an American Republic just as Ron Paul does, but we were also identified closely with our commitment to European American heritage, traditions, and freedom. Ron Paul has mostly focused his message on the Iraq War and on his “hard-money” monetary policy.

Even in dealing with Iraq, Ron Paul has not tapped the real anger of the American electorate. The great sin of the Iraq War to most people is not that it is clearly “unconstitutional.” Perhaps, even a President ordering nuclear attack on a nation that has launched nuclear missiles against us might be technically unconstitutional because only Congress can declare war, but Americans, by probably 90 percent, would want the President and the world to know that if we fell under nuclear attack that our President would respond immediately and decisively.

The Iraq War of course posed no imminent danger, and the Constitutional violation is clearer than the hypothetical scenario I just mentioned. However the greatest evil of the Iraq War is far more the fact that it is a war that is against every real interest of the United States. It is a war based entirely on lies.


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