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Blair’s new job

Posted by alifinmath on January 10, 2008

So Tony Blair has landed a new job, according to the FT:

Mr Blair, who stepped down as prime minister last year, is to become a part-time adviser to JPMorgan, where he will use his experience and contacts to provide political and strategic advice to the US bank and participate in some client events. Mr Blair’s income from the job has not been disclosed. However, one New York recruitment consultant said it was likely to be more than $1m (£500,000) a year.

Words can’t capture the loathing and contempt I feel for this pathetic excuse for a man. Blair has never done an honest day’s work in his life. First he was Bush’s call girl. Now he’s become a whore for New York banking interests, where he’ll doubtless peddle his contacts and influence (if he has any).


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