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Trouble in the Persian Gulf

Posted by alifinmath on January 8, 2008

A Reuters story:

The United States said on Monday that five Iranian boats made “aggressive” moves and showed “hostile” intent towards three US Navy ships over the weekend in the Strait of Hormuz, a major oil shipping route in the Gulf.

Yeah, sure.

“We are going to confront Iran’s behaviour where it threatens us, where it threatens our allies, where it threatens the integrity of the international systems that have been set up to facilitate international commerce and finance,” State Department spokesman Sean McCormack told a briefing in Washington.

The language of empire….

American soldiers and sailors are increasingly involved in sentry duty over oil fields, gas fields, and the sea lanes used for transporting crude. In the Middle East, in the ex-Soviet Union, in West Africa,  and even in South America. The policy of keeping the Persian Gulf secure for oil shipments goes back at least to Carter (and is known as the “Carter Doctrine.”)

The world of finance ultimately is inextricably intertwined with these geostrategic concerns. Every financier in history has been intimately acquainted with the power politics of his time — be he Morgan or Rothschild.


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