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A body blow to US science funding

Posted by alifinmath on December 29, 2007

“This is probably the worst budget for science that anyone can remember,” says Michael Lubell, a spokesman at the American Physical Society in Washington DC. “It absolutely devastates and probably wipes out American high-energy physics.”


Basic research is critically dependent on state funding. Private-sector funding is generally for specific commercially-targeted work and tends to be development rather than fundamental research, which is a dicier proposition altogether — but with enormous social and economic paybacks if and when it succeeds.

Other major economies are ratcheting up their basic research funding while the US is cutting back on its own. The country is showing all the symptoms of an incipient banana republic: lack of investment in human capital, lack of investment in basic research, lack of investment in infrastructure, a widening chasm between rich and poor, persistent deficit financing, gargantuan trade imbalances, and excessive spending on the military being but some of the symptoms.


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